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"Heel The Sole"




We offer Wellness and Clinical pedicures to restore feet with patience and science. Our Priority is offering Advanced Pedicuring sessions catering to the at risk and senior client, those prone to problematic issues, and anyone health conscious.

We will guide you in your journey to  get your footcare back on track.

We have partnered with medical professionals in the area to provide on spot medical advice and referrals if necessary.

Taylor Holmes,ANT


The Pedikhemist and Owner

Taylor has advanced her knowledge by completing additional educational courses that have heightened her knowledge of sanitation and sterilization practices in the salon, advancing pedicuring techniques, and anatomy and make up of the entire foot and nail. You can be confident that you are in good hands every single visit. Read more of her story at the Memphis Voyager.


"if you must pedicure, do it properly."


  • Fun Fact: We are Memphis's One and Only Pedicure-Focused Salon. 

  • Our use of Meticulous deep cleaning techniques & highly researched products guarantee you will experience longer lasting results .

  • OUR SERVICES CATER TO THE UNDERSERVED POPULATION.  Chronically ill, senior, problem prone, or anyone health conscious.

  • These sessions are great for individuals with  stubborn callouses, missing toenails, peeling skin, lifting nails We take care of your sensitivity with pleasure. 


  • CLEANLINESS IS A PRIORITY. IMPLEMENTS ARE STERILIZED (highest level of clean) or disposed. 

We Strive to form relationships with local health professionals to offer care beyond us, all so our clients get the Best out of their foot care journey.

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